IntraMont Technologies has developed a safe toothpaste which we believe, aside from keeping teeth and gums clean and healthy, can provide general health benefits to people brushing with it regularly. We will be running a simple pilot trial on the effectiveness of this product. The ingredients used in this product are known to be safe. We are looking for either men or women who will be willing to use this toothpaste exclusively for 6 months and answer periodic questions about their general health. Using the toothpaste will be no different from the way other toothpastes are already used. Nonetheless, there will be financial compensation for participating in the study.


Up to $500.00 Paid Study. Men or women age 18 to 50. Try our toothpaste.

After 2 months receive $150.00 compensation. Another 2 months = another $150.00. 2 more months = An additional $200, final compensation.

1) How old are you?

2) For a payment to you of up to $500, would you be willing to participate in a study where you use our toothpaste product only (for up to 6 months), allowing our research scientist to periodically contact you to answer a few simple questions about your general health.



The proposed study is scheduled to begin within the next two months

If interested in participating, please leave us an email address or your first name plus phone number


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